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There are several gold deposits located within the Stibnite Gold Project ("Stibnite" or the "Project") located near the historic mining town of Stibnite, Idaho. The major known deposits are located principally within patented federal lode claims. The Hangar Flats, Yellow Pine and West End deposits were the site of past mining activity, which occurred intermittently from 1925 through 1997. The Stibnite Gold Project is one of the largest, highest grade open pit gold development projects in the USA, and comes with an important antimony by-product (primarily used as a flame retardant). With a recently completed pre-feasibility study that demonstrates robust economics and potential to become one of the largest, lowest cost gold mines in North America, Midas Gold is currently optimizing a number of aspects of the project, undertaking an extensive stakeholder engagement program, completing its environmental baseline studies and determining the appropriate timing for entering the regulatory process.